Council Meetings

Committee of the Whole

Committee of the Whole meetings are Special Council Meetings, which take place on the third Tuesday of each month with a 7:00 p.m. start time. These are public meetings, and generally serve as information meetings regarding various subjects. It is often the first opportunity for an item or issue to be presented to Council and therefore, decisions are not generally made at this meeting. This allows time for Councillors to reflect on the information and/or seek further information as necessary in order to assist in their decision making at a later date, of which normally occurs during the Regular Monthly Council meetings. Committee of the Whole Meetings are also open to the public to make a brief presentation to Council. Please register with the Clerk in advance.

Regular Village Council Meetings

The Regular Monthly Council Meetings occur on the first Tuesday of the month with a 7:00 p.m. start time. The Regular meeting is a public meeting and is the opportunity for Village Council to conduct their business. During Regular Meetings, monthly departmental reports are presented and decisions of Council are addressed by way of motions.

Closed Sessions

If required, Council may hold a Closed Session on the second Tuesday of each month when the subject matter includes any of the following:
(a) information of which the confidentiality is protected by law,
(b) personal information as defined in the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy
(c) information that could cause financial loss or gain to a person or the local
government or could jeopardize negotiations leading to an agreement or contract,
(d) the proposed or pending acquisition or disposition of land,
(e) information that could violate the confidentiality of information obtained from
(f) the Government of Canada or from the government of a province or territory,
(g) information concerning legal opinions or advice provided to Fundy Albert by its
solicitor or privileged communications between solicitor and client in a matter of local
government business,
(h) litigation or potential litigation affecting Fundy Albert, or any corporation referred to in Page 4 of 20 subsection 8(1) of the Act, Fundy Albert’s agencies, boards or commissions including a matter before an administrative tribunal,
(i) the access to or security of buildings and other structures occupied or used by Fundy
Albert or access to or security of systems of Fundy Albert, including computer or
communication systems,
(j) information gathered by the police, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, in
the course of investigating any illegal activity or suspected illegal activity, or the
source of that information, or
(k) labour and employment matters, including the negotiation of collective agreements.


Date / TimeLocationMeeting TypeAgendaMinutes
January 10 – 7:00 PMW.H. Steeeves House Museum
40 Mill Street, Hillsborough
Special Council January 10 Special MeetingJanuary 10
January 17 – 7:00 PMW.H. Steeves House Museum
40 Mill Street, Hillsborough
Regular Council January 17 Regular Meeting
January 21 – 9:00 AMRiverside-Albert Municipal Office, 5823 King Street, Riverside-Albert
Special CouncilJanuary 21 Special Meeting
January 24 – 6:30 PMHillsborough Municipal Office
2849 Main Street, Hillsborough
Special CouncilJanuary 24 Special Meeting
February 6 – 6:00 PMMulticultural Building
13 School Street, Alma
Regular Council
February 21 – 4:30 PMRiverside-Albert Rec Centre
9 Bicentennial Street, Riverside-Albert
Committee of the Whole
March 7 – 7:00 PMTBDRegular Council
March 21TBDCommittee of the Whole
April 4 – 7:00 PMTBDRegular Council
April 18TBDCommittee of the Whole
May 2 – 7:00 PMTBDRegular Council
May 16TBDCommittee of the Whole
June 6 – 7:00 PMTBDRegular Council
June 20TBDCommittee of the Whole
July 4 – 7:00 PMTBDRegular Council
July 18TBDCommittee of the Whole
August 1 – 7:00 PMTBDRegular Council
August 15TBDCommittee of the Whole
September 5 – 7:00 PMTBDRegular Council
September 19TBDCommittee of the Whole
October 3 – 7:00 PMTBDRegular Council
October 17TBDCommittee of the Whole
November 7 – 7:00 PMTBDRegular Council
November 21TBDCommittee of the Whole
December 6 (Wednesday)
7:00 PM
TBDRegular Council
December 19TBDCommittee of the Whole
Meeting dates and times are subject to change with 24 hours advance notice to Members and the public.