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How to obtain a civic address?

Anyone who is requesting a Civic Address is required to complete this form and return it to cao@fundyalbert.ca


  • If you are simply looking for a blue-plate civic number for the house, please contact the Hillsborough Fire Department at (506) 734-7005.


  • Fundy Albert is not responsible for postal codes and cannot answer questions on behalf of Canada Please contact Canada Post at 1-800-267- 1155 to register your new address, request your postal code and arrange mail delivery.


  • Residents are required to ensure that the address on identification documents reflects their correct address. Please contact or visit Service New Brunswick (1-888-762-8600 or snb.ca) to update their driver’s license, Medicare,etc.


  • If you require additional information or have any questions, please contact the NB 911 Bureau at (506) 453-5307 or NB9-1-1@gnb.ca.
What do I do regarding roadkill?

Big game (Deer, Moose, and Bear) please call Department of Natural Resources to report a dead animal or injured animal 506-856-2344.


Smaller game – Coyote or smaller and it’s between the white lines, call Department of Transportation 1-833-384-4111


Smaller game on the side of the road (not between the white lines), call the office 506-734-3733.

Who do I contact regarding Provincial routes?

Route 114 and Route 915 are Provincially Designated Highways, the ownership and maintenance of which lies with the New Brunswick Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DTI).


DTI, at the present time, is also continuing to maintain all roads located in the municipality outside the former village limits (all former local service districts).


Any complaints or concerns regarding these NB routes and roads located in all former local service districts must be directed to DTI or to your MLA. The MLA representing the Fundy Albert area is: Mike Holland (contact information))


The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure can be reached by phoning 1-833-384-4111 (dispatch line) or by emailing transportnb@gnb.ca.

Where can I find local RCMP data?

You can find a local occurrence map for Fundy Albert communities here.

If you are interested, you can also find the Provincial Daily Occurrence Reports here.


Crimestoppers – Home – N.B. Crime Stoppers / Échec au crime N.-B. Helping to stop, solve, and prevent crime – together. Say it Here – Dites-le ici (crimenb.ca)

Who do I contact when I’m installing water and/or sewer services, or installing and/or modifying a culvert?
How do I obtain a building permit?

The Southeast Regional Service Commission is responsible for planning and development services, including building inspection. To discuss your project with a planner or building inspector, or get more information, visit them online here.

How do I pay my water bill
  1. You can pay online here,
  2. Guardian Pharmacy in Riverside-Albert (cash or cheque only) or
  3. you can pay in-person at the Village office at 61 Academy Street in Hillsborough, by cash, cheque or interac.
  4. You also have the option to pay via on-line banking through your bank.
How do I get a dog tag?

If you own a dog within the former Village limits of Alma, Hillsborough and Riverside-Albert you must purchase an annual dog tag. To purchase your dog tag, please contact 506-734-3733. Please note that proof of a rabies vaccination is required when purchasing your dog tag.


In former Local Service Districts – please direct any complaints or inquiries regarding animal control

NEW BRUNSWICK SPCA at 1-877-722-1522


 In former Village limits of Alma, Riverside Albert and Hillsborough please direct any complaints or inquiries to PAWS at 506-961-0992 or email animalcontrolofficer@paw-sba.ca

Where do I find Forest Fire Watch?

For daily updates on permission to burn, from the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development:
New Brunswick Forest Fire Watch (gnb.ca)

How do I report an unsightly or dangerous Premise?

If you would like to report an Unsightly or Dangerous Premise please contact us by phone at 506.734.3733 or

send us an email to cao@fundyalbert.ca with the address and a brief description.

Who do I contact for Commercial Waste Management?

These services are delivered by external providers. Please contact the provider directly to report an issue:  

Garbage and recycling not related to residential collection (Eco360): (506) 877-1050 

How do I report streetlight and power issues?

These services are delivered by external providers.

Please contact the provider directly to report an issue:  

Power and streetlights (NB Power)1 800-663-6272  

How do I book Village facilities?

To book Village owned facilities please call (506) 734-3733 or email: community@fundyalbert.ca.

To book arena ice time please call 506-734-3715

How do I pay my tax bill?

Property tax bills can be paid at Service New Brunswick.

When is garbage day?


Alma (if a Holiday falls on a Monday, garbage will be collected Wednesday – former Village limits only)


Dennis Beach
New Horton
West River


Cape Station

Hopewell Cape
Hopewell Hill
Lower Cape

Hillsborough (Former Village limits)





Riverside Albert (former Village limits)

Lower Coverdale

Stoney Creek




Albert Mines



Caledonia Mountain

Dawson Settlement

Edgetts Landing

Hillsborough West

Osborne Corner





In addition to weekly pick-ups, the Village has special pick-ups throughout the year, as well as nine Mobile Eco Depot visits throughout the community.

Where do I find information on Eco 360’s 3-stream sorting requirements?

Eco 360, formally the Southeast Regional Service Commission Solid Waste division, is responsible for the blue, green, and clear bag sorting requirements. All information you need, including sorting guides, pick-up information and contact information, etc. is available on the Eco 360 website or by calling (506) 877-1040.


Fundy Albert Rural Plan

Residents that have a complaint or concern regarding their community Rural Plan please complete this form.

Medical Services


The Albert County Community Health Centre is located: 8 Forestdale Rd.
Riverside-Albert, New Brunswick.  Phone number 506-882-3100

The Albert County Community Health Centre provides primary health care and promotes healthy lifestyles within the communities of Hillsborough, Riverside-Albert, Alma and their surrounding areas. Satellite offices are located in the village of Hillsborough and Caledonia Regional High School. More specifically, the centre provides these communities with illness and injury prevention, acute and chronic disease management, community development services, and health education.

The primary health care team includes physicians, a nurse practitioner, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, a physiotherapist, a dietitian, and an X-ray technologist.

The centre offers many of the same services as larger health centres including: family physician, nurse practitioner, and nursing services; medical imaging; blood and specimen collection; physiotherapy; Healthy Lifestyle Program; Smoking Cessation Program; foot assessments; diabetic teaching; and nutrition counselling.

Hillsborough Satellite Office – located at 2807 Main St. Hillsborough 

Affiliated with the Albert County Community Health Centre, the Hillsborough Satellite Office offers access to various services provided by a nurse practitioner and a social worker, including nursing services, blood and specimen collections and nutrition counselling.

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