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Council Members

Council Members

Robert (Bob) Rochon
Robert (Bob) Rochon Mayor
Email: r.rochon@fundyalbert.ca
Phone: 506 875 9883
John Ereaux
John Ereaux Ward 1 Councillor Coucillor & Deputy Mayor
Email: j.ereaux@fundyalbert.ca
Phone: 506 380 3051
Loretta Elderkin
Loretta Elderkin Ward 2 Councillor
Email: l.elderkin@fundyalbert.ca
Phone: 506 381 5864
Jeff Land
Jeff Land Ward 3 Councillor
Email: j.land@fundyalbert.ca
Phone: 506 874 1103
Jeff Jonah
Jeff Jonah Ward 4 Councillor
Email: jeffjonah@gmail.com
Phone: 506 866 4000
Jim Coates
Jim Coates Ward 5 Councillor
Email: :j.coates@fundyalbert.ca
Phone: 506 734 2736
Heather Ward Russell
Heather Ward Russell Ward 6 Councillor
Email: h.russell@fundyalbert.ca
Phone: 506 380 9663
Village Clerk Information

The Clerk's Office provides support services

Th support services to the Mayor and Council and is generally the first point of contact.

 Specifically, the Clerk coordinates meetings of Council;

schedules delegations to appear at Council Meetings; records and keeps records
of all by-laws, minutes, reports, etc., and makes them available to the public; processes all
requests for information; and issues Public Notices.

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