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Policies & Directives

The following are the administrative and operational policies approved by Council for the Village of Fundy Albert:

Policy Title
Financial Management & Procurement Policy Financial management & procurement
Use of Municipal Resources Policy Use of municipal resources for the benefit of third parties
Community Grants Program Policy Grants offered annually for community initiatives that are conducive to building a stronger community.
Social Media Policy Guidelines and standards to ensure the appropriate use and management of social media.
Employee Health and Safety Statement The Village of Fundy Albert is committed to providing a healthy, safe, and secure workplace for its employees, contractors, and visitors
Respectful Workplace Policy The Village of Fundy Albert believes that all employees should be treated fairly, with dignity and respect and to be valued for their differences, which contribute to a healthy, inclusive, and diverse culture.
Employee Code of Conduct and Ethics To outline expectations for appropriate employee conduct, provide consistent guidelines for all employees and address risk areas that employees may encounter in their work.

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