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Fundy Albert By-Laws

New By-Laws for Fundy Albert Municipality

The by-laws for the former local governments of AlmaHillsborough, and Riverside-Albert remain in effect.

Learn more about the Westmoreland-Albert Rural Plan

Below are the NEW By-Laws enacted for the municipality of Fundy Albert.

By-law No. 2022-01 A

By-law Respecting the Corporate Seal for Fundy Albert

By-law No. 2022-02

A Code of Conduct By-law for the Council of Fundy Albert

By-law No. 2022-03

A By-law Respecting the Proceedings of Fundy Albert Municipal Council and Committee Meetings

By-law No. 2022-04

A By-law Respecting the Remuneration of Council for Fundy Albert

By-law No. 2022-04A

A By-Law to amend By-Law No. 2022-04

By-law No. 2022-05

A By-Law to amend By-Law No. 2022-04A building By-Law for Fundy Albert

By-law No. 2022-06

A By-Law relating to Dangerous or Unsightly Premises in the Village of Fundy Albert

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