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Water Notices

Alma Temporary Water Supply

We are thrilled to announce that the temporary water line is ready to go and will be brought online Thursday May 16th at 3:30 pm.  Because of your conservation efforts  we have successfully avoided a boil water order. Even with the secondary water source, it is most important to continue to conserve water throughout the summer

While not anticipated, it is possible that some users in the temporary water zone (water from Fundy Park) could observe a slight difference in their available water pressure, colour, and smell. The water may also feel a bit different when bathing and washing the dishes since it is not the same type of water as the Alma well (surface water vs well water).  However, the water in Fundy Park is treated, disinfected, and properly monitored.

We cannot thank enough all of those who made this temporary water line a possibility for the Village.

Notice Description Link
Boil Water Advisory - Riverside-Albert January 30, 2024 BWA January 30, 2024
Boil Water Advisory Lifted BWA Lifted February 2, 2024

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